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Tales of the Free Online Internet Tutors of Free Money Poker!

Hello! This site is maintained by the Van Der Hoff Family. We have started this play website a few months back, to share our online tips & tricks regarding Online Poker Game Rooms and Online Casino Games, in general.

Dean, Father and project leader, is an Avid Poker/Video Poker fan. Lilian, Mother and Content Editor-In-Chief, Loves Slots and Blackjack Soren, Our 21 years old son & Article Writer/Collector, Picks up well on Poker Play Bluffs. Megan, Our 16 years old Daughter - Spell Checking.

Part of the education we are trying to send out to our kids is that in order to be a responsible adult, you have to know how to take educated play risks. If at all risks that involve the poker / gambling world, We try and teach them how to reason, how to take safer bets, how to quit while your'e ahead or while its just the time to fold and quit for the day. These children already know their limit, are not afraid to bluff so subtly we dont even notice anymore...

...We should know - that's how we made our kids earn their weekly allowance in play! You have to admit, that is one charming 'poker' trick for the parent:)

Anyways, Do let yourself in to our article submission archive. We hope to add more very soon, if you would like to contribute, we will be most appreciative:

Good luck :) -The Van Der Hoffs