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It is particularly dangerous if your suited cards are low. (If one of the cards is high, you still have a chance of at least getting a high pair.) If you try for the flush, you must pay attention to whether any of the up cards in your opponents’ hands are of the same suit, which would reduce your chance of completing the flush.

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Generally, the player with the highest up card starts the betting (some play with the low card opening the first round). If two or more players share the highest- ranking up card, the person closest to the dealer’s left begins the betting. This first round, sometimes known as “third street” (each player has three cards), ends after each player has either placed his or her bet or folded.

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Look to grind out a profit. for reasonable financial goals. Don’t expect to triple your compensation from your day job. That’s not realistic. ok for value bets, where the circumstances, situation, and public ption all combine to create a high-percentage gambling bet— here the odds are in your favor.

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